Kat's biography:

Kat has been an influential force in dance music for over a decade. Starting out in the early 90s as a DJ in Minneapolis (known as Katwoman), she eventually moved to San Francisco and made the transition to her true passion of singing. Kat possesses a voice that is powerful and emotional; as one fan puts it, "sensually hypnotic." Her voice, energetic stage-presence, infectious laugh, and lively personality, has propelled her onto the forefront of the San Francisco dance-music scene.

Kat is an accomplished songwriter and has collaborated on numerous studio projects with a variety of producers from around the globe.

To feel the true power of the Kat experience, it's essential to hear her sing live. "I have a true passion for performing live, especially for the dance community. The energy of the crowd is unlike any other - it's infectious and exhilarating. I feel like my truest self when I am singing in front of people - I get a huge rush from it! I think that comes through to the audience and they feel it too."